// Terato Artist //

Please note my timezone is (GMT+7) and also my discord is Handsomewaifu#4899

Hello! I'm handsomewaifu :D Terato artist from Thailand who enjoy drawing monster/armor ladies

I Love drawing NSFW, WLW Lesbian art and Character design ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Term of Services

Please note that I might change my terms of service sometimes so please review it every time you wish to commission me

Last T.O.S. edited 5/4/2021

General T.O.S.

•  You can repost your artwork anywhere with the proper credit

•   I have the right to decline your commission request if commission involved subject that I feel uncomfortable to draw

•   I’m more than happy to correct my anatomy mistake or correct or add the details that I forgot to draw or draw it wrong as many times as it needed.

HOWEVER, if you already approve or you constantly change the idea, detail, etc There will be free 3 times more than 3 times will cost additional fees. and no major edit will be made after the sketch is already approved.

•   My works are only for personal use.No commercial use allowed this also applied to Adoptable and custom adopt and character design.

•   Commission request must be sent via Note or Private message only

•   I may or may not post your commission in my gallery but if you wish me not to post it or you wish to remain anonymous please let me know.


•  I accept payment as USD $ currency via Paypal only

•  I required payment upfront (Half or Full)

•  Payment is to be made within 3 days of the agreement failed to provide payment will result in canceling your commission slot 

•  Refunds are not available after 2 days (GMT+7) when I received payment. Please do not send me the payment if you’re unsure about commissioning me, However, in rare cases, I'll ask you for another idea for equally-worth commission/Character design if somehow I cannot finish what you request.

Character Design or Adopt

•  You will receive High-resolution PNG/JPG files however you can request lineart and PSD file with no additional fee

•  Adoptable that you paid for. You can gift, trade or resell them but you can not resell them more than what you’ve paid for unless that character has extra art.

 • Adoptable that you get for free or from raffle or request event you cannot sell them in anyways but you’re free to gift or trade with someone else if you desired.

 • You can alter or edit design as much as you want to. But you still needed to credit me as the original designer of the character.

•  You must credit me for the designer of the character for the first time you repost your adoptable that you get from me. After that credit isn’t necessary but appreciated

•  Please inform me of the new owner if you traded, gifted or resell them

•  You cannot make species out of adoptable that you got from me this including open, Semi-open or closed species. However, you can give them a story however you like.

•  As of 4 February 2021 Any design that come after this date will have new restriction to them. Which you CAN NOT change the 'sex' of any pre-made adopt design. Meaning if I state that design is female you can't change her into male but however you can change her into FTM or transgender or intersex and so on.

This rule do not apply to the any premade design mae before 4 febuary 2021 and custom design aka design that made specifically for you. For custom you can change the sex of that design later on if you wish to!

I explain the reason in my toyhouse bulletins


Will Draw

• Any gender Any species, but I'm specialized in monster/mask character.

• Feral/humanoid and android/gynoid*

• NSFW/R-18+ (please scroll below for nsfw do/don't)

• Cyberpunk/Fantasy/Post apocalypse theme

Won't draw

• Art with my character

• Gore/Snuff/Death

• Mecha like gundam or transformer

• Realistic/Semi-realistic style

• Vehicle Gun and complicated Background

Will draw (nsfw)

• Any gender and Sexuality :D


• Age gap/Size difference

• Goo/Rubber Latex fetish

• Con/Dub con/Noncon but need to discuss first

• Corruption and some TF

Won't draw (nsfw)

• Art with my character but some of them can so ask first.

•Any Vore, Hyper, Inflation ,Toliet-related fetish

• More than 3 sequence transformation

• Underage/Loli/Shota/Club character

• Harem (But polyamory is fine)


Flat color
• Start at 10$ (add character+8$)

Cel shade
• Start at 13$ (add character+11$)

Add background
• + 2-5$ depending on complexity


Flat color
• Start at 10$ (add character+8$)

Cel shade
• Start at 13$ (add character+11$)

Add background
• + 2-5$ depending on complexity

6 Headshot sketch page!
• No color sketch PWYW start at 27$ like example

W flat color
• Start at PWYW start at 50$


Flat color
• Start at 15$ (add character+12$)

Cel shade
• Start at 20$ (add character+17$)

Add background
• + 3-10$ depending on complexity


Flat color
• Start at 30$ (add character+25$)

Cel shade
• Start at 37$ (add character+32$)

Add background
• + 3-10$ depending on complexity

Character design

• Start at 20$ for font only
Add back view +6$ and Add outfit +4$ per outfit

• Start at 40$ for font only
Add back view +10$ and Add outfit +8$ per outfit

Character design only come in flat color

I'm good at designing female and feminine men non human character! I'm ok with both humanoid and feral character P: Check my toyhouse for my 'design style'